Here are the updates that are planned for IreneCore Seo

Dynamic Open Graph Tags for all 3-rd integrated extensions
Optimize images
 Scan page for meta data info, from "Add Page Meta" modal content
 Add more site traffic reports
 Google SiteMap for all menu items

 Dynamic Open Graph Tags for Joomla Menu Items, Joomla Articles and Zoo Items / Categories,
 Option to ignore meta data for menu items if that menu item open another sourse (Article, Produt, Course, Item), meta data for that menu item will not be a priority. Option added in IreneCore Seo - General Settings
 J2Store support for Com_Content source
 Add custom meta data values from front-end,
 Migrate meta data values from EFSEO (for Joomla Content, Cobalt 8 CCK, Zoo) into our extension. For other extensions, just ask us.
 Option to disable, or not, the new button for custom page meta - Add Page Meta,
 Option to stop save IreneCore Seo Statistics.
 Integrate DJ-Classifieds,
 Integrate DJ-Catalog.
 Implementation for Joomla 4.x version

 Open Graph support for Joomla Articles, Menu Items
 Open Graph support for Cobalt Sections, Categories, Recors
 Open Graph support for 3rd extensions
 Add Meta Data from page conten if current Menu item is not set
 Add support for site logo icon
 Add for Rich Snippets in Google Search Results (Joomla Articles, K2 Items, EasyBlog Items, Guru Courses, Zoo Items, Cobalt 8 CCK Records)
 Option to edit H1...H6 tags (add new text before and after H1...H6 HTML tags)
 Option to change http: to https: for all URLs from your site
Add for Rich Snippets in Google Search Results for other Joomla extensions
 Add for Rich Snippets in Google Search Results for Cobalt 8 CCK Comments

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